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AISWEI Shines at SNEC and Intersolar Europe with Groundbreaking Energy Solutions

AISWEI Shines at SNEC and Intersolar Europe with Groundbreaking Energy Solutions

SHANGHAI, July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AISWEI, a leading global clean energy technology company, and its overseas brand Solplanet made a notable presence at two significant international energy exhibitions in June: SNEC 2024 in Shanghai, China, and Intersolar Europe 2024 in Munich, Germany. The company shared its insights on the application of its solar technology solutions tailored for global markets, supported by its innovative product lineup.

AISWEI introduced the industry’s first “Artificial Intelligence (AI) +” product at SNEC and Intersolar Europe. The innovative solution incorporates advanced generative AI technology into the energy management process of photovoltaic (PV) power plants, aiming to enhance user satisfaction and profitability by delivering a seamless “private energy consultant” experience.

“This is a testament to AISWEI ‘s innovative prowess. In the PV industry, innovation is the driving force, and only companies that consistently innovate and stay technologically ahead can emerge victorious in the market,” said Dr. Zhang Yong, President and CEO of AISWEI.

AISWEI also unveiled several new products, including the three-phase inverters ASW 320kW HT series for ground-mounted power stations, the single-phase hybrid inverter ASW 8/10kW SH and three-phase hybrid inverters ASW 15-30kW TH series for residential and smaller commercial uses, with the latter series noted for its sleek design.

Key products featured at the two exhibitions included the three-phase hybrid inverters ASW 5-12kW H-T2/T3 series and the high-voltage batteries Ai-HB 7.5-20kW G2 series, both of which have gained substantial traction in global markets. The commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors were addressed with the flagship product ASW 80-110kW LT series, which has been successfully integrated into numerous global solar PV projects.

At SNEC, the company was honored with the “Terawatt Diamond Award” for their three-phase hybrid inverter, the ASW 5-12kW H-T2/T3-DG series, specifically designed for residential applications. This recognition highlights their remarkable technological advancements and outstanding performance.

AISWEI’s innovative and high-quality products and solutions garnered immense praise and recognition from global attendees at both exhibitions. Step by step, AISWEI will continue to inspire and drive positive change in the global clean energy landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the future of sustainable energy solutions.


AISWEI,formerly known as SMA’s Chinese subsidiary, has been successfully manufacturing high-quality and reliable products since 2009. Today, AISWEI is a leading R&D and manufacturing company focusing on clean energy, delivering a broad portfolio of photovoltaic and hybrid inverter products, EV chargers, and smart energy management systems. 

Headquartered in Shanghai with three R&D centers, one manufacturing hub, AISWEI’s operational outreach extends across Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, and Oceania, with its products distributed in over 60 countries and regions. We are driven by a simple idea: solar for everybody. We strive to create the best possible experience for our distributors, installers, and end-users by focusing on quality, reliability, and user-friendly products. Solplanet is committed to providing a clean energy future to everyone.

More information is available at www.aiswei-tech.com and www.solplanet.net
For additional information, please contact:
E-mail: [email protected]

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/aiswei-shines-at-snec-and-intersolar-europe-with-groundbreaking-energy-solutions-302191480.html
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