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Jennifer McShane Bary on How Diversity Fuels High-Profile Project Success

Jennifer McShane Bary on How Diversity Fuels High-Profile Project Success

CEO and Founder of JMB Project Management

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So, why exactly are high-performance diverse teams so crucial for the success of a high-profile project?

Boundaries are for people without imagination”

— Jennifer McShane Bary

DIFC, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, June 17, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — When it comes to high-profile projects, success isn’t just about having the best ideas or the brightest minds—it’s about having the right mix of talent, perspectives, and experiences. Many seasoned leaders are now emphasizing this. They call high-performance, diverse teams the literal backbones of any project’s success, regardless of the scope.

While the buzz around such teams is picking up, a few project leaders are taking this concept to a new level. One such leader, known for her team leadership, is Jennifer McShane Bary, the founder of JMB Project Management.

With a career spanning over two decades in project management leadership, McShane Bary has seen all the highs, the lows, and everything in between. But one thing that has remained constant throughout her journey is the importance of building high-performance diverse teams.

From managing diverse teams at Nuffield Health and NSW Health to leading a team of highly valued professionals as the Director of Service Delivery and Operations at NEOM, McShane Bary’s unique approach to project management revolves around impactful talent working in tandem.

“Diversity isn’t just a buzzword,” McShane Bary emphasizes. “It’s a strategic imperative for any project aiming for excellence.”

So, why exactly are high-performance diverse teams so crucial for the success of a high-profile project? Let’s dive in.

First and foremost, diverse teams bring a wealth of perspectives to the table. Imagine a team where everyone thinks, acts, and looks the same. Sure, there might be harmony, but there’s also a dangerous lack of creativity and innovation. McShane Bary believes diversity sparks creativity by challenging conventional thinking and fostering a culture of innovation.

“Having people from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences leads to richer discussions and more innovative solutions,” she explains. It’s like putting together a puzzle—each piece brings something unique to the table, and you get a complete picture when you fit them all together.

But diversity alone isn’t enough. To truly harness its power, teams must also strive for inclusivity. Inclusive teams create an environment where every voice is heard, valued, and respected. According to McShane Bary, this not only boosts morale but also enhances collaboration and productivity.

In her opinion, inclusive teams are more cohesive and perform better because everyone feels like they belong. “When people feel valued and respected, they’re more willing to share their ideas, take risks, and push the boundaries of what’s possible,” she says.

Moreover, diverse teams are better equipped to tackle complex challenges. High-profile projects often involve navigating uncharted territory, solving intricate problems, and making tough decisions under pressure. McShane Bary believes that diverse teams have a competitive edge in these situations because they bring a variety of skills, expertise, and insights to the table.

“Diversity breeds resilience,” she asserts. When faced with adversity, diverse teams are more adaptable and resourceful because they can draw from a wider range of experiences and perspectives.

But perhaps the most compelling argument for diversity and high-performance models in high-profile projects is its impact on the bottom line. Research consistently shows that diverse teams outperform homogeneous ones in terms of financial performance, innovation, and problem-solving. McShane Bary points out that the tangible benefits of diversity range from increased profitability to higher customer satisfaction.

This shows that in today’s global marketplace, diversity isn’t just a moral imperative—it’s a business imperative. Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion are more successful and resilient in the face of change.

So, what can project managers do to build and nurture high-performance, diverse teams?

According to McShane Bary, it starts with leadership. Project managers must champion diversity and inclusion from the top down, setting the tone for the entire team.

“Leadership is about more than just managing tasks—it’s about creating a culture where diversity is celebrated, and inclusivity is the norm,” she explains. Thus, by fostering an environment of trust and respect, project managers can unleash the full potential of their teams.

In conclusion, the success of a high-profile project hinges on the strength of its team. And as Jennifer McShane Bary would attest, diversity isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s a must-have. By embracing diversity, fostering inclusivity, and championing innovation, project managers can position their teams for success in today’s dynamic and competitive landscape.

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