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NEXT-SYSTEM Releases AI Powered Automatic Ergonomic Evaluation System VP-Ergono

NEXT-SYSTEM Releases AI Powered Automatic Ergonomic Evaluation System VP-Ergono

Combining AI with the OWAS method makes it easy to instantly analyze working postures.

Postural analysis is conducted seamlessly, leading to a clear evaluation represented by the AC value.

Analysis result will be output as a CSV file for effortless integration with external devices.

Groundbreaking system allows instant visualization and analysis of burden placed on body, perfecting the OWAS method

FUKUOKA CITY, FUKUOKA PREFECTURE, JAPAN, May 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — NEXT-SYSTEM Co., Ltd. has announced the official release of VP-Ergono, its AI powered ergonomic evaluation system. The state-of-the-art system uses AI to assess peoples’ working forms to see whether the load they are putting on their body is of an acceptable amount. This way it is easy to see whether people working need an adjustment to their posture or their working space. This analysis is achieved by applying the Ovako Working posture Analysis System (OWAS) method, the internationally acclaimed working posture evaluation system.

In fact, the system is designed to be the perfected version of the OWAS method, explains Yoshio Fujita, founder and CEO at NEXT-SYSTEM Co., Ltd. “While the OWAS method is great, there are some downsides too. An analysis takes time and money, is limited to actions in a vacuum and is heavily reliant on the skill and interpretation of the assessor. So it is hard to say whether someone is in danger of genuinely hurting themselves. VP-Ergono solves all these problems. Analysis is near instantaneous, can be performed on both live and pre recorded footage, and is being performed by an AI that objectively and quantitatively assesses the body. It is the perfect version of the OWAS method.”

The system works by opening the software and either using a camera connected to a computer, or loading in a video. VP-Ergono will instantly start analyzing the movement, and the powerful AI engine will match the movement that people are performing to the OWAS method’s classification of behavior. The resulting ‘AC Value’ will be an indication of how strenuous the position is. And, unlike the OWAS method, the system keeps an average score of the strain being put on the body over a larger period of time, which allows users to see whether their working posture needs immediate adjustment or whether only certain parts of their posture need tweaking.

VP-Ergono is most suitable for workplaces where manual labor is being performed such as on building sites or at assembly lines. All you need to start is a computer and a camera. More information and a 30-day free trial are available on NEXT-SYSTEM’s website.


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VP-Ergono – AI Powered Ergonomic Evaluation System PV

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