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Cross Channel Marketing, An Emerging Solution For Local Businesses On A Budget

Advancements in A.I. machine learning technology combined with increased access for local businesses are beginning to level the playing field.

The most damaging aspect of digital marketing is that these supply-and-demand models were created exclusively to benefit the publishers and platforms. Through our solutions, we shift the advantage.”

— J.W. Martin

BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT, USA, February 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a business landscape that wrestles with inflation and shifting consumer attention spans, effective marketing lies not just in reaching the right audience but also in ensuring the value of each dollar spent. As privacy concerns limit the use of data for targeting, ad blockers are on the rise and online behavior becomes increasingly fragmented, it has only become more challenging.

In the pursuit of change, Cross Channel Marketing is quickly becoming a key resource for local businesses who are focused on transforming the way they allocate their marketing budgets.

Made Possible By The Rise of Machine Learning Tech and Local Access

While the methodology has been available for several years, it has largely been out of reach for local businesses due to the cost of data and technology. As the rate of change within the A.I. & Machine Learning space has accelerated, performance marketing agencies across the country are now bringing Cross Channel solutions to local businesses.

One example is SaaSQL, a leading marketing agency dedicated to leveling the playing field for local businesses by providing access to the advanced marketing techniques and A.I. platforms used by Fortune 500 companies. They recently announced the formal launch of their Cross Channel Marketing solution, following a year in beta. Their goal: to redefine how businesses of all sizes optimize their marketing strategies for maximum impact and efficiency.

The Core of Cross Channel Marketing: Real Time Budget Allocation Across Channels

Recent studies indicate that businesses, on average, waste 26% of their marketing budgets on ineffective strategies. In a bid to combat this inefficiency, SaaSQL’s Cross Channel Marketing solution leverages machine learning technology to allocate marketing budgets across various digital channels, optimizing based on ROI, lead quality, and cost-effectiveness. This technique not only aims to simplify the way local businesses build their marketing plans, but also ensures they are able to invest in strategies that yield the highest returns.

At the heart of Cross Channel Marketing is its ability to track and analyze the leads generated, and sales closed, across digital platforms. By evaluating the cost-to-lead generation relationship, the program ensures that businesses allocate their budgets where they are most effective.

Quality Over Quantity: A New Focus

Moving beyond traditional attribution models that prioritize quantity, the Cross Channel Marketing approach considers lead quality as a cornerstone for budget allocation. By evaluating variables such as phone call duration and keyword relevance in form fills and e-commerce transactions, the program prioritizes high-quality leads, resulting in improved conversion rates and customer engagement.

Powered by A.I., the Cross Channel Marketing solution brought to market by SaaSQL can optimize campaigns over 1,000 times per month, achieving rapid recalibrations and adjustments that are beyond human capability. This agility ensures that campaigns swiftly adapt to market shifts, maintaining a competitive edge.

Results for local businesses have been encouraging, with significant decreases in customer acquisition costs ranging from 20% to 40%.

This type of efficiency not only optimizes marketing expenses but provides local businesses with the opportunity to reallocate resources in other areas that can help drive growth.

Implications for Businesses Across the Spectrum

A key strength of Cross Channel Marketing as a local business solution is its versatility. Small businesses, in particular, stand to benefit from the promise of efficient resource allocation, potentially leveling the playing field against larger competitors. Meanwhile, larger corporations can fine-tune their substantial marketing budgets with precision, ensuring every dollar spent translates into measurable returns.

Perhaps most interestingly, the ability to scale a single marketing budget across various platforms based on performance metrics creates an environment in which Search Engines and Social Media Platforms, Streaming Television and Programmatic display networks compete for their share of budget by providing actual sales results.

SaaSQL founder, J.W. Martin considers this one of the most important implications of Cross Channel Marketing. He recently shared:

“The most damaging aspect of digital marketing is that these supply-and-demand models were created exclusively to benefit the publishers and platforms. Through our solutions, we shift the advantage.”

As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, Cross Channel Marketing solution promises a future where marketing budgets are spent wisely, and growth becomes consistently measurable.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/687447155/cross-channel-marketing-an-emerging-solution-for-local-businesses-on-a-budget

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