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Launch of the Scathingly Humorous Adult Novel

Don Firth

The Accidental Houseguest

The Accidental Houseguest is a satire, that mocks the online recruiting industry, the IRS, FBI, DEA, the Miami lifestyle, and just about everything else.”

— Don Firth

AVENTURA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Accidental Houseguest is a comedy and satirical action-adventure read, that follows the misadventures of Gerald Owen. Gerald Owen is the former President of WarmBodyJobs.com, an Internet Job Board for candidates who have neither skills nor talent. WarmBodyJobs.com becomes a cult success on social media until Gerald’s partner, Marty, embezzles the company’s tax payments and vanishes to a non-extradition-island, leaving Gerald to take the rap.

To avoid prison, Gerald jumps bail and flees to Miami. To board an earlier plane, he switches tickets with Arnold Puffin, an undercover DEA agent, whom he finds lying unconscious in the men’s washroom. Puffin has seduced the daughter of a reputed mob boss and has been invited as a guest to stay at his oceanfront mansion in Miami.

Mistaken for Puffin, Gerald is chauffeured in a Rolls to the home of Vincent Campari. Fortuitously, the daughter is stranded in Paris, so Gerald takes on Puffin’s identity. Meanwhile, DEA agents mistakenly believe that Gerald is their undercover agent and go out of their way to protect him as he enjoys sexual favors and attempts on his life. All is great until the IRS and the real Arnold Puffin turn up… just for things to get more fun and messed up at the same time.

About the Author – Don Firth

Don Firth was born in Northern England. He now lives in Maimi after a brief 14-year stay over in Canada. He is currently the CEO of http://JobsInLogistics.com , the leading online job board for the supply chain industry. Previously, he held positions of SVP Logistics for two supermarket chains and was a Partner in the logistics practices of PwC and Deloitte. He was the principal author of two best-selling books on Logistics. Neither was deemed funny.

To amuse his staff, Don wrote ‘The Accidental Houseguest,’ which begins with a parody of the recruiting industry. Whereas all job boards proclaim to provide the top talent, Don imagined a fictitious recruiting site for the candidates, who are merely warm bodies – WarmBodyJobs.com. This evolved into an adult satirical action-adventure romance novel.

5-Star reviews

The Accidental Houseguest has already received numerous 5-star reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Good Reads etc. including the following,

– Easy to read, enjoyable sarcastic humor, and unique story.

– This book is FIRE! More entertaining than any of today’s sitcoms! It’s filled with suspense, excitement, and drama from beginning to end.

– This book is fast-paced from page one. It is extremely funny and well-written. You will be laughing and turning the pages effortlessly

The Accidental Houseguest promises readers an unforgettable ride through Miami’s chaos, mistaken identities, and unexpected alliances. Available now on Amazon in e-Book, Paperback, and Hardcover formats, this scathingly humorous adult novel invites you to dive into a world where mishaps meet hilarity.

Don Firth
Pearson – Amazon KDP
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