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New American Class 1 E-MTB has 3x the Power and 2.5x Torque

Optibike RIOT Class 1 eMTB

Optibike RIOT Class 1 eMTB

Optibike RIOT Class 1 eMTB

PowerStorm MBB

PowerStorm MBB

Older Heavier Riders Can Climb Steeper Hills with the Optibike RIOT, Class 1 E-MTB.

We at Optibike are very pleased to introduce Americas most powerful Class 1 e-mtb deigned and built in Colorado. The RIOT E-MTB allows heavier riders to climb steep hills and travel longer distances.”

— Jim Turner

PAONIA, CO, USA, March 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Optibike RIOT is the company’s first Class 1 E-MTB, The Optibike RIOT features 190 newton meters of torque and 750 watts continuous power. This allows riders to climb steeper hills. It is powered by a 1630 watt-hour battery, three times the size of most other e-bikes on the market.

Optibike RIOT built for American Riders
Most E-MTBs on the market in America use European Mid Drive motors that have 250 watts of continuous power, based on European laws. The RIOT, with Optibike’s US Built, PowerStorm™ Motor offers the full legal US power limit of 750 watts, which is 3 times European brands. The torque on the Powerstorm motor is 190 newton meters which is over twice the 85 Newton meters available on European motors. The added power and torque allow the RIOT to climb steeper hills.

Heavier Riders Need More Power to Climb Hills
The RIOT is ideal for heavier riders who are having trouble climbing hills on their current E-MTB. A Heavier rider at 220 lbs will require more power to climb the same hill as a 145 lb rider. The added performance of the Optibike RIOT allows heavier riders to keep up with lighter riders. The higher power of the Optibike RIOT is important for heavier riders as weight is an important factor in climbing hills.

Older Riders Need More Power To Climb Hills
As we age we lose muscle mass. It is estimated that we lose 3-8% of muscle mass per decade after age 30. This trend accelerates after 60. This means a 60 year old rider may have only 30% less muscle mass than when they were 30 years old. This means that we cannot climb hills as well. The Optibike RIOT with its 3X the power allows the older rider to keep up with younger riders.

Larger Battery for Longer Range and More Exploring
The Optibike RIOT features a very large 1630 watt hour battery for extended range. Most European based bikes have batteries in the 600-700 watt hour range. The larger battery of the RIOT allows riders to ride over twice the distance of other E-Bikes.

Easier Riding with Higher Torque
Higher torque is important as it allows riders to shift less gears and accelerate easier from a stop. There is less chance of getting stopped on a hill. With higher torque the bike will continue to climb, when lower torque bikes have stopped.

Powered by American Built E Bike Motor
The Optibike RIOT is powered by Optibike’s exclusive PowerStorm motor. The PowerStorm™ is the only E-Bike motor system built in America. The RIOT houses the PowerStorm™ motor- the high performance, American built alternative to European mid drives. The PowerStorm™ has the highest power to size of any e bike motor in the world

RIOT Features & Options:
– Available in Rohloff or Cassette versions (choose at checkout)
– Available in US Class 1 or EU versions
– New Pedelec Torque Sensor, Dual-sided
– Optibike PowerStorm™ MBB with 190Nm Torque, climb hills up to 46%
– 1630Wh 52V Li-ion Removable Battery
– Carbon Fiber Frame and Swingarm
– 170mm Travel Enduro Tuned Rear Linkage
– 170mm Travel Beefy 38mm Fork
– Long Travel Full Suspension, rock solid handling
– Up to 180 Mile Range (With 160lb rider at 15 mph with pedaling)

Designed and Built in Colorado
Designed and hand built in Colorado, USA for riders who crave more power and torque. The RIOT is perfect for tackling steeper hills. The RIOT’s powerful motor and large battery will go for miles- navigating commuter traffic, bike trails, steep hills or rugged back country. The RIOT provides an excellent and easy riding experience. The RIOT is ideal for larger riders who are frustrated by the lack of power and torque in European E-MTBs.

The Optibike RIOT is now available for purchase on the company’s website. With its unique features and exceptional performance, the Optibike RIOT is set to become a must-have for all older and heavier e-bike enthusiasts who have been looking for a bike that does not compromise Torque or Power.

What is a Class 1 E-Bike?

Class 1 is a legal limit classification for E-Bikes that is commonly found on bike paths and trails in the USA. Generally, riders can use a Class 1 E-Bike in most places that a normal Bicycle can be used.

Class 1 has a speed limit of 20MPH, motor power of 750W, and is Pedelec only.

The RIOT is also available in an EU version, which has a speed limit of 15.5MPH (25KMH), motor power of 250W, and is Pedelec only.

Optibike is the oldest manufacturer of e-bikes in America. Family owned and operated since 1998, Optibike is renowned for producing high-performance electric bikes, with features like the PowerStorm™ Mid-drive Motor, long-range battery packs, and custom-designed LED lights.

James Turner
Opti-Bike LLC
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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/689803695/new-american-class-1-e-mtb-has-3x-the-power-and-2-5x-torque

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