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New Year Registrations For Children’s Kung Fu Classes In Rowville for 2024 Are Now Underway

Kung Fu group of children in Rowville

Kung Fu Master Rowville

Kung Fu Master Rowville

Kung Fu + Golden Lion 50 yrs Anniversary image

Kung Fu + Golden Lion 50 yrs Anniversary

Golden Lion in Rowville has announced the opening of registrations for their children’s Kung Fu classes for the new school year 2024.

Kung Fu offers a more exciting and interactive way for your child to stay active and build a strong foundation of physical fitness”

— Richard Tsui-Po

ROWVILLE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, December 29, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Golden Lion Academy of Martial Arts, a renowned martial arts school with three facilities in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Rowville, Berwick and Murrumbeena has announced the opening of registrations for their children’s Kung Fu classes for the new school year of 2024.

Celebrating 50 years of excellence in martial arts instruction, Golden Lion is welcoming young enthusiasts to join their vibrant community, offering obligation-free trial lessons and a free uniform for all new young members.

Visit: https://www.goldenlion.com.au/

Golden Lion Academy, recognised for its long-standing tradition and expertise, focuses on imparting Kung Fu and self-defence skills in a safe and nurturing environment. The children’s classes are specifically designed to teach traditional Kung Fu forms, encourage progression to higher belt levels, and introduce martial arts weapons in a child-friendly manner.

This approach not only fosters physical skills but also instils confidence and discipline in young learners.

The academy’s team of experienced instructors excels in teaching martial arts to children, ensuring that each class is engaging, educational, and safe. Their dedication to providing a supportive learning environment makes Golden Lion an ideal choice for parents seeking a constructive and enjoyable activity for their children.

This special enrolment period in Rowville for the 2024 school year highlights Golden Lion Academy’s commitment to shaping the next generation of martial artists. The academy is not just a training ground; it’s a place where children can join a friendly community, learn valuable life skills, and have fun in the process. The complimentary uniform offer for new young members is a welcoming gesture, emphasising the academy’s inclusive ethos.

Golden Lion Academy of Martial Arts stands out in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne for its exceptional training, community-centric approach, and a strong focus on the safe teaching of martial arts to children. The 2024 registration for Children’s Kung Fu classes in Rowville is a fantastic opportunity for young students to embark on an enriching martial arts journey.

For detailed information about the children’s classes, registration process, and the academy’s offerings, parents are encouraged to visit Golden Lion Academy’s website or contact the academy directly. Enrol your child in the Golden Lion community today and be part of a legacy that has been nurturing young martial artists for 50 years.

To contact the school follow the link below or call on the contact number on this page. https://www.goldenlion.com.au/make-enquiry/enquires-for-childrens-lessons-at-golden-lion-kung-fu-club/

Source: https://www.goldenlion.com.au/

Richard Tsui-Po
Golden Lion Academy – Martial Arts
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Kids Confidence Grows With Kung Fu

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/677931385/announcement-new-year-registrations-for-children-s-kung-fu-classes-in-rowville-for-2024-are-now-underway

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