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One Million Truths Assembles Scientists, U.S. Technology Giants, and U.S. Organizations for Unprecedented Research and AI-Driven Solutions to Racial Conflict

Phase II of the Project Launches on National Day of Racial Healing,
January 16, 2024

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — One Million Truths (OMT), a science-based nonprofit dedicated to building solutions to resolve racial conflict by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), today announced the launch of its two-year effort to collect 1 million-plus first-person stories around the impact of racial and ethnic conflict from Americans nationwide.

The cornerstone of OMT’s approach is a pioneering process developed over several years of research including thousands of conversations with a broad range of Americans, a formal study with Columbia University, and advice from renowned scholars and top experts globally. OMT is the only effort that combines the science of constructive conflict resolution with scalable technology, data, media, and production capabilities.

Through the collection of recorded testimonies nationwide, OMT will create a database of ‘Truths’ of an historic scale that documents the variety of individuals’ struggles, pains, triumphs, and hopes which when woven together create a collective testimony of American resilience.

Truths in the database will undergo analysis by narrative AI to uncover commonalities and highlight trends. Through this process, OMT plans to identify approaches that contribute to the creation of impactful initiatives and solutions, which will touch key areas of American life such as community, education, finance, healthcare, housing, social justice, and technology.

Subsequently, OMT’s approach and content will foster empathy and discourse at a grassroots level and engage Americans in conversations that lead to understanding and healing.

To accelerate and make the greatest impact, One Million Truths invites individuals and organizations to bolster its fundraising campaign by becoming foundational philanthropic supporters. OMT also invites individuals from diverse backgrounds across America to become part of the foundational group of Truth sharers by visiting One Million Truths and uploading their truths.

“I thought I understood racism until I tried to help end it,” says Mark Eckhardt, founder and CEO of OMT. “Racism is a form of or an aspect of intractable conflict. Intractable conflicts are caused by many different sources of tensions that feed off one another in ways that are difficult to change — now is the time to use new modalities and emerging technologies, including AI, to find solutions to the issues that divide us. It begins with truth (data).”

At launch, OMT has recorded 135 sample truths from Americans across the United States who have courageously shared their experiences, including contributions from prominent figures like Gina Belafonte, Sterling K. Brown, and top executives such as Tonie Leatherberry, Board member for Zoetis and American Family Insurance; Daryl Butler, Google; Jarvis Sam, formerly from Nike; and DeVon Franklin, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

“The time is now,” declares Paul Breitenbach, CEO of r4 Technologies and founding team member of Priceline.com. “The AI era is upon us. We have built massive scalable technology, and just like with climate and food waste, we can use it to solve intractable problems like racial and ethnic conflict. OMT is delivering the kind of bold vision and leadership to help us change the world that all of us can support 100%.”

For information on the campaign, please contact One Million Truths. Join the conversation at #OneMillionTruths or #OMT. Subscribe to the newsletter at OneMillionTruths.com.

SOURCE One Million Truths

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/one-million-truths-assembles-scientists-us-technology-giants-and-us-organizations-for-unprecedented-research-and-ai-driven-solutions-to-racial-conflict-302036334.html
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