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REDESIGNING HOW SOLAR IS SOLD: My Energy Showroom Transforms Solar Energy Shopping at Walmart

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — My Energy Showroom is set to open interactive, educational showrooms in over 2,600 Walmart stores across the country, aiming to demystify solar power for consumers and promote sustainable energy choices. These engaging spaces provide a transparent, no-pressure environment where consumers can gain knowledge and confidence in their energy decisions.

Vision for the Future

Envisioned as hubs of innovation, these showrooms strive to become the leading destinations for solar energy education and purchases. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate solar energy into everyday life, promoting a culture of sustainability.

Partnerships Enhancing the Shopping Experience

Mentis Technologies, OtoPilot, and Clean Urban Living play pivotal roles in ensuring a superior consumer experience. As the exclusive compliance provider, Mentis Technologies champions transparency and ethical sales practices ensuring all salespeople are fully licensed and providing critical compliance tools for consumer protections. OtoPilot, as the exclusive SaaS ecosystem, streamlines operations and enhances the showroom technology. Clean Urban Living, as the exclusive strategy partner, drives advocacy and education efforts, furthering our mission of clean energy awareness.

“With the negative view from consumers on the solar industry and the increased regulatory scrutiny from state and federal government, commoditizing the industry and bringing a buying experience to homeowner is the only viable solution to ensure longevity of the industry.” Christopher Trocola – CEO, Mentis Technologies

“The clean energy sector is at a pivotal stage of its development and consumers deserve a shift. They deserve the ability to easily obtain correct information about clean energy technologies. A showroom buying experience does just that.” Brian Johnston – COO, Mentis Technologies

“Like other industries, solar marketing has always been highly targeted, often times bypassing the people who need it most. Clean Urban Living was created to combat this by providing education and easy access to reputable energy efficient products and services to everyone. By partnering with Mentis and OtoPilot to create My Energy Showroom at Walmart, we are now closer than ever to making that happen.“ Greg Davis – CEO, Clean Urban Living

“Our mission has always been to establish a standardized operating model for the consumer-level renewable energy industry. As the energy sector undergoes significant transformation towards a cleaner, more sustainable, and decentralized future, it becomes increasingly imperative to empower consumers with reliable, accessible information from trusted sources. The consumer experience curated by My Energy Showroom in Walmart represents the pivotal “missing link” in this evolutionary journey.” Matthew Potter – Founder & CEO, OtoPilot

Community Engagement and Consumer Protection

My Energy Showroom now collaborates with non-profits like the Go Green Energy Initiative (GGCI) to bring energy education directly to consumers. Rex Halbeisen, Executive Director of Go Green Community Initiative expressed “We are excited to expand our relationship with Mentis Technologies as our Compliance Company, and the efforts of My Energy Showroom”. He went on to say “As an educational non-profit with a mission to educate consumers about energy conservation, management, and generation, with facts and not sales pressure, compliance is important to ensure consumers they are working with only licensed professionals. There are too many examples of consumers who have been burned by bad actors in solar and the ever-expanding offerings for energy in the residence and small business sectors. There is no better solution than My Energy Showroom partners and Mentis Technologies compliance measures to protect us but more importantly, protect the consumer.”

Visit Our Showrooms

We invite you to explore the future of solar shopping at Walmart Retail locations—where we are redesigning how solar is sold.

Ava Medina
Medina Media Incorporated
[email protected]

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/706609225/redesigning-how-solar-is-sold-my-energy-showroom-transforms-solar-energy-shopping-at-walmart

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