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TaiwanPlus Announces May Programming Lineup

New Content Slated for Early Summer Viewing

Available on the TaiwanPlus Website, App, YouTube and Linear TV Channel

TAIPEI, May 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A compelling lineup of programs is slated to debut on the TaiwanPlus platform from May, offering viewers a multifaceted exploration of Taiwan’s vibrant culture. This curated selection includes a spectrum of themes, encompassing insightful examinations of misinformation; behind-the-scenes glimpses into the operations of cutting-edge mega factories; explorations of traditional and contemporary art forms; and intimate portraits of renowned actors.

Coming to TaiwanPlus Throughout the Summer:

“Broken News”

TaiwanPlus will premiere “Broken News,” a documentary series tackling the pervasive issue of disinformation and media manipulation. This comprehensive program, a collaborative effort with various experts and news agencies, will shed light on the tactics employed to spread misinformation, with a particular focus on Taiwan, a global target for such practices.

In today’s digital landscape, media has become a battleground. The spread of misinformation erodes trust in information sources and sows doubt among citizens, posing a significant threat to the very foundations of democratic societies. “Broken News” aims to equip viewers with the critical thinking skills necessary to navigate this complex information environment.

Taiwan’s Mega Factories” Episode 3: Horizon Yachts 

The upcoming episode of TaiwanPlus’s acclaimed documentary series, “Taiwan’s Mega Factories,” delves into the world of luxury yacht construction. Following insightful explorations of the semiconductor industry and Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor production, this episode shifts focus to Horizon Yachts, a Taiwanese powerhouse ranked among the world’s top ten yacht manufacturers. This program promises a fascinating look at the engineering marvels and meticulous craftsmanship that go into building these opulent vessels.

“Semiconductor Geopolitics” Episode 1 – What’s Behind Japan’s Chip Ambitions?

Once a titan in chip manufacturing, Japan currently holds less than 10% of the market share. “Semiconductor Geopolitics” launches with a thought-provoking exploration of Japan’s strategic roadmap for resurgence. By drawing on the expertise of Taiwan, another critical player in the global semiconductor landscape, the program analyzes Japan’s proposed path forward. This includes potential partnerships with both Taiwan and the United States, with a focus on how these collaborations can foster not only economic stability but also enhanced national security for all involved nations. Japan’s legacy of expertise and experience in this crucial sector positions them as a vital partner in the development of next-generation technologies.

“CraftSoul” Season 2: The Artistry Behind Taiwanese Wrought Iron Window Grille

Season 2 of “CraftSoul” welcomes viewers into the world of Tseng Wen-Chang, a master iron craftsman revered as the “Wrought Iron Window Grille Magician.” Despite a decline in demand for traditional architectural embellishments, Tseng remains steadfastly committed to safeguarding the heritage of wrought iron window making. The program offers a captivating exploration of the intricate process involved in producing these visually stunning, handcrafted pieces. Furthermore, it sheds light on how Tseng has successfully redefined this age-old craft, elevating it to a celebrated art form within the Taiwanese cultural landscape.

“The Pursuit of a Cinematic Dream” Season 2

Following the critical acclaim garnered by season one’s exploration of director Tsai Ming-Liang’s artistic journey, TaiwanPlus is poised to propel a new wave of Taiwanese cinematic talent onto the international stage with season two of “The Pursuit of a Cinematic Dream.” This revealing documentary series delves into the lives and careers of three accomplished figures: veteran actor Austin Lin Bo-Hong, the acclaimed Indigenous director Laha Mebow, and horror director Kevin Ko. Through candid interviews, viewers gain a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs faced by these rising stars as they navigate the dynamic landscape of the international film industry.

“At TaiwanPlus, we are committed to fostering a deeper understanding of Taiwan and its vibrant culture through compelling programming,” said Eric Yang, Director of Programming. “This May, we are thrilled to unveil a curated selection of shows that transcends mere entertainment. These programs aim to engage viewers in critical discourse, broaden their perspectives, and provide insightful commentary on a diverse range of topics. We believe this thoughtful approach to content creation fosters a more enriching viewing experience and embodies the spirit of exploration that lies at the heart of TaiwanPlus.”

This summer, stay tuned to TaiwanPlus’ meticulously curated selection of programs—accessible across our various channels—that promises a view of the world from a Taiwanese perspective. Also, stay connected through our social media platforms to discover a wealth of interactive content, and prepare for a season brimming with intellectual and artistic discovery.

About TaiwanPlus

TaiwanPlus is the premier global provider of English-language news and infotainment from Taiwan — offering trustworthy news coverage, informative perspectives on cross-strait relations, plus inspiring lifestyle content focusing on food, travel and entertainment. Proud to be based in one of Asia’s most vibrant democracies, our diverse team of journalists and producers is committed to delivering independent news and stories that inform, enlighten and inspire audiences worldwide. Get a global perspective backed by a Taiwanese point of view on our website, mobile app, TV channel and various social media channels. 

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