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Yala’s Strategic Roadmap Unveiled: Bring Bitcoin Liquidity across Blockchain with a Meta-Yield Stablecoin

SINGAPORE, March 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Yala, a project that enables the seamless transfer of Bitcoin liquidity through a meta yield stablecoin, is thrilled to announce a comprehensive brand upgrade. This reflects our commitment to making Bitcoin liquidity universally accessible across blockchain ecosystems, enhancing DeFi liquidity efficiency. The upgrade includes a refreshed branding message, a new website domain, an ambitious roadmap, expanded partnerships, and a strengthened global presence.

Elevating Bitcoin‘s Potential: Yala’s Mission and Roadmap

Yala is embracing the future with a newly refined message: ‘Connecting Bitcoin liquidity through a meta-yield stablecoin.’ By harnessing the potential of Bitcoin for DeFi, Yala introduces YU — a BTC-backed stablecoin capable of generating yield across various blockchain networks. Utilizing the Ordinals protocol, Yala not only issues YU directly on Bitcoin but also integrates a decentralized indexer network and an Oracle through meta protocols. This innovative approach ensures Bitcoin liquidity is truly borderless, employing a mapping and minting mechanism that allows users to tap into yields from other blockchain ecosystems without leaving the Bitcoin environment.

Yala is on a mission to continuously innovate and expand its offerings. Its upgraded roadmap outlines key milestones:

  • May 2024: Beta Launch, including lending protocol, oracle, indexer, alongside community outreach and more partnerships.
  • June 2024: Whitelist Testnet V0, featuring yUSD stablecoin issuance and audit with community engagement initiatives.
  • September 2024: Full Version V1 release, introducing the Insurance Module, security enhancements, and more.
  • January 2025: Full Version V2 launch, bringing liquidation AMM and Governance Framework Initiation.
  • March 2025: System Upgrade & Optimisation, focusing on feedback integration, partnership & community growth.
  • June 2025: The DAO, marking the transition to enhanced decentralized governance.

Following its recent strategic partnerships with Babylon, Map Protocol, Avail, Botanix Labs, and Nubit, Yala is in communication with more builders in the space to unlock more value for Bitcoin and the wider ecosystems.

New Domains, Broader Mission

Aligning with its brand upgrade, Yala is excited to announce the transition of its digital home from yala.finance to yala.org. By adopting a .org domain, Yala emphasizes its focus on community and the openness of its mission. This change marks a significant milestone in its journey, symbolizing a broader mission beyond finance – to establish a modular and programmable layer for Bitcoin that enhances its liquidity and utility.

The shift to white and green as its core colors marks a meaningful move to embody values of purity, growth, and sustainability. White, known for its simplicity and clarity, reflects its commitment to transparency and trustlessness, signifying a fresh start. White’s clean and minimalist appeal aligns with its goal to make complex financial processes accessible and understandable to everyone.

Green, on the other hand, resonates with growth, renewal, and harmony. It echoes Yala’s focus on enhancing Bitcoin liquidity and unlocking additional value for users. The color green is often associated with stability and endurance, mirroring its commitment to creating lasting value for Bitcoin holders and participants with expanded utility across different ecosystems.

As Yala leads the way in enhancing Bitcoin liquidity usability, its vibrant new colors symbolize the essence and ambitions of the brand. These colors illuminate Yala’s path toward a future that is not only brighter but also more interconnected.

Join Yala on this exciting journey to elevate Bitcoin liquidity and beyond.

About Yala

Yala connects Bitcoin liquidity with a meta yield stablecoin. Designed as both a potent asset and a liquidity enhancer, the stablecoin, YU, operates across various ecosystems, increasing efficiency without the need for bridges or relocating the underlying Bitcoin. Yala empowers Bitcoin holders and ecosystem participants with expanded utility, all while maintaining the security of Bitcoin‘s infrastructure.

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Media Contact
For media inquiries, please contact [email protected].


Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/yalas-strategic-roadmap-unveiled-bring-bitcoin-liquidity-across-blockchain-with-a-meta-yield-stablecoin-302097089.html
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