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Content writing agency in Kolkata

Content writing agency in Kolkata

Content writing agency in Kolkata

Content writing company in Kolkata

Content writing agency in Kolkata

Content writing agency in Kolkata

Content Spotlight provides Content writing services in Kolkata and globally.”

— Somnath

KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL, INDIA, August 26, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Content Spotlight is an SEO and content writing agency in Kolkata. There has been a recent increase in the number of content marketing agencies across each location and geography as they help companies with their writing and website services. Website services are also increasing as companies realize that a website can help them increase brand awareness and create visibility for their products and services online. This can increase their revenue, boost profits, and help the company reach its long-term targets. Mostly, e-commerce companies are setting up their websites and are also considering launching their products on Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart. This not only increases the company’s presence in the international market, but it also boosts the company’s reputation in the target industry and helps the company recognize itself as a brand.


Content Spotlight is an established content writing agency in Kolkata.

Being an established content writing company in Kolkata, Content Spotlight focuses on various aspects of content and works hard to prepare content that can create a significant impact in the industry. Some of the areas they focus on are described below.

a. Catchy titles: catchy titles are a great way to recognize content and make it attractive to the target audience. Titles are a great way to help identify content that the audience loves. Titles are chosen very wisely by the team working at Content Spotlight, as they help to tell the audience what the content is all about without having to go inside the body of the article. The target audience gets convinced after seeing the titles, which urges them to go and read the whole article.

b. Meta titles and descriptions: Meta titles and descriptions are a great way to help search engines identify content and blog posts. They are chosen very carefully by the writer before publishing the article. The meta titles and descriptions should include the focus keyword to increase the chances of the keyword getting ranked in the SERPs.

c. Focus keywords and anchor texts: As a respected authority in the content writing industry, Content Spotlight feels the need to choose focus keywords and anchor texts that can help depict the article the way it is written. The focus keywords and anchor texts are selected very wisely, as they can have a positive impact on a reader’s mind and help satisfy the user’s intent.

d. Readability and English language usage: Since Content Spotlight provides content writing services in Kolkata and globally, it feels that the content should be easily readable and comprehended by the audience. The usage of the English language should be correct, and the content should be free from grammatical issues and English language errors. Search engines penalize websites and content that have wrong spellings and wrong usage of the English language.


Content Spotlight uses Gutenberg blocks.

Good and leading content writing agencies use Gutenberg blocks to build a page or post on WordPress. These blocks can be videos, images, paragraphs, headings, tables, or buttons. Gutenberg blocks help add extra features to the WordPress site and are free to use. There are free Gutenberg themes available on WordPress that can be downloaded and installed. Gutenberg blocks help to make content more effective and appropriate. They help to identify content, graphics, media tables, and buttons that can be wrongly manipulated. Content Spotlight, an established content writing agency in Kolkata, recommends the use of Gutenberg blocks in all blog posts and pages on WordPress. Gutenberg’s blocks were not available before 2018, and writing agencies did not have the easy option of adding the blocks to a WordPress site. Nowadays, almost all agencies have adopted this best practice and are using it to make their tasks easier.


Content Spotlight was started to fill the gap that existed after websites were built online using Elementor or any other method. There was a scarcity of skilled people in the industry who ignored this area. Gradually, as businesses started understanding the importance of an online website, the demand for content writing agencies began to rise up. The need for writers, website specialists, and SEO experts began to increase. More people shifted their careers to the digital industry from other industries after acquiring the basic skills required to be in this sector.

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Content Spotlight
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