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Renowned Author Xue Mo’s Triumph at Frankfurt Book Fair Leads to Much-Anticipated Appearance at the 2023 Miami Book Fair

Xue Mo and Featured Speakers at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Curses of the Kindom of Xixia by Xue Mo

Curses of the Kindom of Xixia by Xue Mo



Into the Desert

Into the Desert

Xue Mo’s literary work, distinctive personality, and melodious voice became the focus of attention and discussion among international exhibitors and media.

Some of my friends who met Xue Mo in person have become his fans, particularly touched by the literary spirit embodied in his works.”

— Logan Crawford

CHICHAGO, IL, USA, November 9, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The 75th Frankfurt Book Fair has drawn to a close, and renowned author Xue Mo emerged as one of the brightest stars of this year’s event. Xue Mo’s literary work, distinctive personality, and melodious voice became the focus of attention and discussion among international exhibitors and media.

Xue Mo is about to participate in the forthcoming Miami Book Fair, scheduled from November 17 to 19, featuring the new releases “Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia” and “Into the Desert.” He has been invited to attend two book signing events at “Great Writers” and “Literary Classics Magazine” booths. Moreover, Xue Mo and his works have garnered recognition and support from the Times Square organizing committee. On November 23, the promotional clip “ Xue Mo is Here” will be broadcast 44 times throughout the day on the screens of Times Square.

At international book fairs, some experts have hailed Xue Mo as the standard-bearer of Chinese Western literature, a synthesist of the Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist cultural traditions, and a cowboy of China’s western frontier.

His song “Sunny Pass” echoed on the international stage, allowing many overseas readers to appreciate the authentic essence of Chinese Western literature. In the tapestry of life, there are innumerable women like “Ying’er” and “Lanlan”, the main characters of “Into the Desert”, who bravely confront predatory pursuits and encirclement. They never submit or capitulate to fate, instead stirring readers’ hearts with their pursuit of happiness and longing for a better life amid adversity.

As Leo Garcia from Great Writers Media once remarked, “An increasing number of readers are becoming familiar with Xue Mo; everyone in our team knows about him. I’ve seen his photos from the Frankfurt Book Fair in the international media where he wore a very distinctive red shirt, which was quite eye-catching. Some of my friends who met Xue Mo in person have become his fans, particularly touched by the literary spirit embodied in his works. Colleagues from Penguin Random House have also spoken to me about Xue Mo, mentioning the popularity of his novels, and noting that his works seem to be published by various presses.”

Indeed, Xue Mo was the only author with an independent exhibition stand displaying personal works at the 2023 Frankfurt Book Fair, and the sole Chinese writer invited to the 75th anniversary opening ceremony by the organizers. His works sold out quickly to enthusiastic readers during the exhibition, allowing Xue Mo to experience firsthand their passion for Chinese literature. Among the eager buyers were those who withdrew cash specifically to purchase the English editions of “Desert Hunters” and “White Tiger Pass,” including individuals from Argentina, and Germany, overseas Chinese who have long resided in Germany, and youths not yet part of the workforce. At Xue Mo’s exhibition stand, a teenage girl aspiring to “become herself” purchased the last Chinese book. The local overseas Chinese community also provided support, exemplified by Ms. Chen and her family. Before the fair, they eagerly volunteered to assist, even offering to store Xue Mo’s books at their home. During the fair, Ms. Chen’s husband drove from Heidelberg to personally deliver the books to the booth.

Chinese literature has often been perceived as peripheral within the realm of world literature, with modern Chinese authors specializing in realism garnering little interest among foreign readers. However, Xue Mo’s works seem to have broken this cycle of oddity. Notably, his “Desert Trilogy” was the first to sell out, marking a big milestone.

At the bustling international book fair, it seemed as if the winds of the desert had traveled to distant shores, touching the hearts of every reader who encountered Xue Mo’s works. The songs carried by the wind were both piercing and gentle, subtle and defiant, serene and beautiful.

As Logan Crawford, host of The Spotlight Network and a Grammy Award winner, recounted his interviews of the year to friends, he once again spoke of author Xue Mo. He mentioned how Xue Mo’s singing deeply moved American audiences, particularly the blind community, who, after hearing his interview, were eager for audiobooks of “Into the Desert.” To them, Xue Mo stands as a great writer whose novels poignantly capture the essence of feminine power, echoing the Chinese proverb, “Women hold up half the sky.”


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“Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia” written by Xue Mo and translated by Fan Pen Li Chen is now available for purchase on Amazon!

Buy the book at https://www.amazon.com/Curses-Kingdom-Xixia-Excelsior-Editions-ebook/dp/B0C4G1JMJ1/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3E2PWBMGRPH4U&keywords=Curses+of+the+Kingdom+of+Xixia&qid=1699224512&sprefix=curses+of+the+kingdom+of+xixia%2Caps%2C102&sr=8-1

“Into the Desert” written by Xue Mo, translated by Fan Pen Li Chen, Amazon Bestsellers Link:


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